Chimney Leaks

Water is the number one enemy of your chimney and fireplace. Have you noticed water staining on the ceiling, walls or floor around your fireplace? If so, you could have a leak coming from your chimney. Many different factors can contribute to interior leaks around your fireplace. Our experienced chimney professionals have the knowledge and training to investigate and diagnose the cause of your leaky chimney. If not addressed quickly, you could be faced with thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.

Many times, homeowners experiencing water leaks around their chimney and fireplace make the assumption that their leak is coming from the roof and not the exterior chimney structure. Don’t spend thousands of dollars for a new roof to find out that your leak is not fixed. Call our experienced chimney professionals for an in-depth inspection of your chimney to determine the root cause of your water leak.


Causes of Chimney Leaks Can Include:

No chimney cap / improper chimney cap

If your chimney does not have a chimney cap, rain water can enter your flue and soak the masonry and brickwork of your chimney. This water absorption can lead to damage and waters leaks inside of your home and fireplace.

Rusted rain pan / chase cover

If your factory built fireplace has a damaged or rusted rain pan or chase cover, water can enter your home resulting in interior water leaks. Over time these small leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage and lead to costly repair bills.

Damaged exterior brickwork / mortar

If your chimney’s exterior brickwork contains cracks, holes, and decaying brickwork you could be experiencing large amounts of water entering you home. These large masonry structures have no natural ability to repel water and moisture. Our chimney professionals can completely seal the exterior brickwork of your chimney effectively stopping water damage to your home.

Faulty Flashing

Chimney flashing keeps water from entering your home where the exterior structure comes through your roof. If your chimney flashing is old and deteriorating you can have gaps and cracks between your chimney and the roof. These open areas can allow water and moisture to enter your home.

Water is the number one contributing factor to interior damage around your chimney and fireplace resulting in thousands of dollars in damage and repair expenses. Our knowledgeable and trained staff can inspect your chimney to determine the root cause of your water issues. We offer a wide variety of solutions to fix your leaky chimney!