Chimney Tops

Chimney tops protect the top of your chimney from rain water, moisture penetration and animal intrusion. A properly maintained chimney top will ensure your chimney remains water and animal free. Chimney tops come in many varieties and individual styles to fit your personal taste. Our chimney professionals can inspect, repair, and replace your chimney top to keep your system in top shape.

Rain Pans / Chase Covers

A rain pan or chimney chase cover are used on factory built fireplaces that have wood or brick veneer chimneys with metal chimney vent pipes. These large metal covers contain a center opening to allow the chimney flue pipe and termination cap to let smoke and combustible gases escape while preventing water from entering your home.

Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is a must for every chimney and fireplace. These cost-effective items protect your chimney from water, animals, and debris. Installing a chimney cap to your venting system can save you thousands of dollars in damages over the life of your fireplace. These caps typically fit directly over your chimney’s clay or metal flue pipe. A properly sized and designed chimney cap will have a solid top to prevent water intrusion and are screened on the sides with a spark arrester to prevent hot embers from landing on your roof. Chimney caps come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles.

Custom Chimney Caps

Are you looking for a chimney cap to compliment your personal style and upgrade your home’s curb appeal? We have the solution for you! A custom chimney cap can prevent water, animal, and debris from entering your chimney venting system while enhancing the look of your chimney. These custom built chimney caps come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to fit your needs. Give us a call today for a custom chimney cap quote. 

Energy Saving Dampers

A chimney without a damper may be costing you hundreds of dollars in utility loss every year! In addition to energy loss, a damper can eliminate cold drafts, moisture, and musty smells coming from your chimney. Save money today by installing an energy saving damper!