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Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is a must for every home and chimney. This multi-purpose top is an inexpensive item to prevent damage and decay to your chimney and fireplace. Not only does a chimney cap prevent water, animals, and debris from entering your chimney, a properly sized and designed cap will act as a spark arrestor preventing hot embers from landing on your roof.

Moisture prevention

A cost effective chimney cap addition will stop water from entering your chimney flue and prevent moisture based decay of your metal or clay chimney liner. The simple addition of a chimney cap to your home can prevent expensive water based repairs and increase the overall lifespan of your fireplace. Water decay can damage mortar joints, brickwork, and rust critical metal components of your heating system.

Animal Prevention

From squirrels to birds, bats, and even raccoons a chimney cap will ensure you home remains animal free. Chimneys without a cap are perfect homes for animals of all types and can cause havoc for you and your family. During spring and summer months many animals seek new homes and you chimney can be quite inviting. Birds known as chimney swifts receive their name due to their preferred nesting within chimneys and other similar structures. These small birds are a federally protected species and if they make a home within your chimney, you must leave them there until their natural migration.

Animals nesting within your chimney can pose several problem for you and your family to include: Health problems from animal droppings, obnoxious smells, constant noise, and even horrible odors from dead animals. Blockages from animal nests can cause a serious fire hazard and create a toxic environment inside your home.

Spark Prevention

A properly sized and designed chimney cap include spark guards that prevent hot embers from landing on your roof or worse catching fire to nearby flammable materials. Chimneys caps can also prevent common downdrafts causing smoke puffing into your home during burning.

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