Middle Georgia Chimney Sweep - Chimney Rain Pans & Chase Covers

Rain Pans & Chase Covers

Rain pans and chase covers prevent rain water from entering your home and causing extensive damage that results in thousands of dollars to repair. These large, flat metal covers will eventually rust and develop small holes that allow water to enter your home. Typically, a chimney chase cover will last 10-20 years when properly installed. Often, when a chimney chase cover is originally installed during home construction they are made with low grade materials and lack adequate structural bracing. These factors often lead to premature rust and deterioration severely reducing the lifespan of these covers.

How do I know if my chase cover needs replacing?  

If you are experiencing water leaks inside of your home and have a factory built fireplace, chances are your chase cover needs to be replaced. Many times you will see rust staining on the exterior of your chimney or roof indicating that your chimney chase cover is deteriorating. Also look at the edges of the chase cover called the skirt. If you can see rust in this area it is a good idea to have a chimney technician inspect your chase cover for decay.

Our chimney professionals can inspect, measure, fabricate, and install a new chase cover for your chimney. We use high grade products that will outperform and outlast your current chase cover and will make any needed structural additions during replacement.

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