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Chimney Crown Repair

The crown of your chimney is the first barrier to water penetration and acts as the roof of your venting system. This solid mortar top acts as a protective barrier for the exterior brickwork of your chimney structure. A chimney crown in good shape is a vital part of the overall exterior health of your chimney and fireplace. An annual inspection is the best way to ensure that your chimney crown remains in good shape.

Once your chimney crown begin to crack and deteriorate the rest of your exterior brickwork becomes more vulnerable to decay. Chimney crown sealing and repair is a cost effective solution to ensure years of worry free use. Our chimney professionals can determine if your crown is in need of repair and advise you of the best solution for your home.

The most common form of chimney repair involves the application of a long-lasting, waterproof, and flexible masonry membrane. This specially designed mortar-like product will seal cracks and holes to ensure that no water penetrates through the crown of your chimney.