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Chimney Waterproofing

The exterior brickwork, mortar, and concrete of your masonry chimney is subjected to vast amounts of moisture and rainwater each and every time it rains. These materials that make up your chimney can all be adversely affected by constant water absorption. Brick, mortar, stone, and concrete have no natural ability to repel water and instead absorb large amounts of moisture that over time degrades your chimney leading to structural issues and water damage inside your home.

Damage to your home resulting from chimney leaks can result in thousands of dollars in repairs to your home’s interior. We advise that all masonry chimneys have a water repellent treatment applied to extend the life of your chimneys construction and prevent water damage inside of your home.

Our professionally applied products are specifically designed to prevent water absorption into your chimney and fireplace. These specialized products are 100% vapor permeable allowing moisture inside of your chimney to escape but not allow any exterior water to penetrate into your chimney venting system. Our industry specific products carry a 10 year warranty and are sure to fix your leaky chimney.


When brickwork absorbs large amounts of rainwater and moisture before, during, and after freeze / thaw cycles, they may begin to show a condition known as spalling. As moisture in the brickwork begins to freeze and expand into ice the facing of your chimney’s brickwork begins to separate causing pieces to fall off exposing the soft center of your chimneys brickwork. This is a very serious water problem and should be repaired immediately to stop further damage. Severe spalling can lead to structural failure of your chimney’s exterior.

Does your leaky chimney already have brickwork deterioration and spalling? Our professionally trained chimney technicians can fix that too. We employ a variety of solutions to stop chimney water leaks and are sure to have the solution for you.

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