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Firebox Repair

The interior firebox of your chimney and venting system is subject to damage and deterioration over time. Although the construction of your chimney’s firebox is built using firebrick and high temperature refractory mortar, years of use and prolonged subjection to high temperatures during burning can cause cracks or damage to bricks and mortar. Our chimney professionals have the knowledge and experience to repair or rebuild this critical area of your fireplace.

As you burn a fire, the interior bricks and mortar of your fireplace are subjected to extreme temperatures. Over time, the constant thermal expansion and contraction of these materials can lead to deterioration and decay. These cracks and holes can allow hot embers and gases to enter areas not designed to contain high temperatures, potentially causing a fire inside of the surrounding walls or floors of your home.

If your fireplace is a pre-fabricated metal fireplace, the interior panels of your firebox will eventually need repair or replacement. Cracks and decay of the refractory panels of your pre-fabricated fireplace can subject interior wall and floor framing to combustible temperatures, possibly causing a home fire. Our qualified chimney technicians can repair, replace or rebuild your old or worn firebox allowing for years of continued use.

Before & After

Firebox Repair Before        Firebox Repair After