SweepingFor nearly three decades, we have been providing the residents of Middle Georgia and surrounding areas with honest, reliable and professional chimney sweep services and products. Our attention to detail and unrivaled workmanship in and around your home has served as the foundation upon which our outstanding reputation has been built and has helped us serve thousands of satisfied customers throughout Central Georgia.

Our professional, Industry trained Chimney Technicians take pride in completing every job to the highest of standards while maintaining a NO MESS guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction before, during & after the job is complete. See for yourself why the residents of Middle Georgia have been recommending us to friends, families and neighbors for almost thirty years.

Here’s a look at what we do:

Chimney inspections are a critical part of ensuring that your chimney and venting system is in proper working order. Chimney inspections are offered in three different levels and our professionals will help you determine which level of diagnosis is needed for your fireplace and chimney. Chimney inspections should be performed annually to ensure that there are no unnoticed changes affecting the safety or performance of your fireplace & chimney venting system.

A dirty chimney is not only a safety hazard but can also negatively affect the efficient performance of your fireplace. Each time your fireplace is used, creosote and other byproducts from burning will deposit residue inside of your chimney liner. Over time this buildup of residue can begin to restrict the flue opening causing multiple issues from draft problems to unpleasant smells and even the potential for a chimney fire. The National Fire Protection Association recommends to have a professional chimney sweep clean out your chimney flue after each burning season. Routine sweeping and maintenance by our professional staff can help ensure problem free burning year after year.

Chimney caps are a must have item for every chimney and fireplace. Does your chimney have a cap? Sweeping 2Chimney caps ensure animals, debris, and water stay out of your chimney. Animal nests and organic debris can clog your chimney flue creating deadly conditions inside your home. From carbon monoxide gas buildup to smoke filling your home, a blockage due to animal debris can create serious problems during burning. When rain and moisture enter your chimney through an open flue at the top, internal damage can result through severe water damage and liner corrosion. Water damage can affect the performance and integrity of your entire chimney vent and lead to costly repairs. A simple and affordable chimney cap is the perfect solution to help prevent expensive animal and water problems. Let our professional staff install the correct chimney cap for your system to keep your chimney in good working order.

A chimney without a cap can quickly become home to many different types of animals from birds, squirrels, raccoons, and even bats. Animals and their nests can cause serious safety issues inside of your chimney. From respiratory health problems to chimney fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning, animal intrusions into your chimney is a serious problem. Let our trained professionals safely remove your animal problems and permanently keep your chimney critter free.

Does your chimney have a damper? Does it work properly? If your chimney does not have a damper or your current damper is not working properly you may be experiencing expensive heating and cooling loss while your fireplace is not in use. Cold drafts, utility loss, musty smells and moisture are a few common reasons why your chimney needs a properly functioning damper. A top sealing damper installed by our chimney professionals is a perfect option for your chimney to reduce energy bills and save your hard earned money.

TruckDoes your home have a factory-built chimney? If so, a chimney chase cover is the top that protects the internal wood structure of your chimney. After years of use, a chimney chase cover or rain pan can become deteriorated and or rusted allowing water leaks to occur. A few small holes in these large pans can actually lead to hundreds or thousands or dollars in damage to the interior of your home. Our professional chimney technicians can help save your home from expensive water damage by replacing your old, worn down chimney chase cover.

Your chimney liner is one of the most important items of your chimney system. Keeping your liner in good condition is critical to proper safety and effective venting of your chimney system. Our chimney professionals are trained and experienced to examine the condition of your chimney liner with each sweep. If any deterioration or decay is found, we will advise you of your options for proper repair or replacement. At some point almost every chimney liner will need repair or replacement and our skilled technicians can get the job done right.

Our professional chimney sweeps can install all types of chimney chase covers, rain pans, chimney caps, and top sealing dampers. We also install gas logs, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and gas inserts. No matter what your chimney may need, you can trust that our professionals can deliver premium products and top quality service at an affordable price!